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Who are We

ANCOP stands for ANswering the Cry of the Poor. It is a program founded by Couples for Christ (CFC), a faith based Vatican recognized international lay organization of the faithful that has  a worldwide membership and active in over 100 countries and dependent territories, and was made for the purpose of consolidating CFC’s effort in BUILDING THE CHURCH OF THE POOR.  Shelter building for the poor and child education sponsorship are among its many other programs.

It is a Catholic non-profit organization that dedicates itself to proclaiming CHRIST and the Christian faith by uplifting the plight of the poor.  ANCOP Foundation (USA) Inc. is one of the social ministries of Couples For Christ-USA (CFC-USA). 



The logo illustrates that ANCOP is very much aligned with the work of CFC.  The program under ANCOP are to be implemented based on the core values of CFC -  Pro God, Pro Family, Pro Life and Pro Poor, with the key principle that Christ is the center of the work and must be proclaimed in word and in deed.

The house represent the Community Development Program, whose primary objective is to provide optimal living conditions for the ANCOP Homes Home Partners, where they could raise their children in a safe and clean environment.

The children stand for the Child Sponsorship Program which sends school-aged children to school, whether in elementary, high school, college or vocational.  ANCOP believes that through quality education, these children can learn to hope again, and help them fulfill their dreams of a better life for them and their families. 

Together with the children are the mothers and fathers, as illustrated above.  This simple family illustration (depicting our being Pro Family) represents Couples for Christ’s fulfillment of the mission of building the Church of the Home by providing them support in the spiritual (being Pro God through evangelization), health (being Pro Life by providing them medical support and sound health education) and economic (being Pro Poor through capacity building in the area of livelihood) aspects.

The Circle with the stylized Couples for Christ logo represents the unity that binds all the Family Ministries in this endeavor of uplifting the lives of our poor brethren by opening opportunities for them to help themselves.  This also reminds us of our unity with the Catholic Church in addressing the social issues that affect the faithful.  The Cross is none other than Christ who is the center of our work with the poor.

The Dove.  We are moved by the Holy Spirit.  We are empowered to  act  now.

The color green, which is the dominant color of the logo, represents CFC’s commitment to care for the environment and all God’s creation.  The Globe represents the global network of ANCOP and CFC.

The ANCOP Vision

Bringing Christ’s Transforming Love to the Poor


The ANCOP Mission

Answering the Cry of the Poor


The Major Programs of ANCOP U.S.A. for the benefit of the poor

  • Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) – poor children in the Philippines are sponsored by volunteer donors through ANCOP so these children could go to school for free in the elementary, high school or college/vocational level. 

  • Community Development Program (CDP) - poor families are provided with shelter or housing by establishing communities of 30 to 50 families each.

  • ANCOP Health – this program aims to support and promote a culture of health consciousness in poor communities by advocating and implementing good health practices such as hygiene, nutrition and preventive health care leading to a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. In the US, we support feeding program for the poorest of the poor,

  • Values formation seminars along the path of Christian living are part of both programs.

  • North America Walk for the Poor – this project is initiated in 2010 by Couples for Christ and is launched by ANCOP U.S.A. and ANCOP Canada to raise funds. Participants walk 3 miles with sponsors solicited beforehand. Funds collected from participants and sponsors go to ANCOP programs. This is an annual activity of ANCOP.




Education is one of the major projects of ANCOP aimed to educate the poor children.  ANCOP believes that education of the poor child and his family is key to poverty alleviation.


Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) - Provides for Education Assistance, Health and Medical Care, Values Formation and Spiritual Enhancement, and Parent Involvement/Partnership to support the Child’s education.  This is a one-on-one sponsorship for Elementary, High School, and College/Technical/Vocational courses.

Cornerstone - The Cornerstone program began in June 2011 and is aimed at the Primary and Secondary levels in education:

“The Elementary [Primary] Program aims to reach out to slow readers in elementary children in public schools through Reading Tutorials and Values Formation. The High School [Secondary] Program aims to reach out to High School leaders through Christian leadership and Values Formation” (Cornerstone Manual, 2012).

Education Centers – This is a facility provided in ANCOP communities for computer literacy, tutorials, alternative learning, adult education and libraries.

School Partnership – Partnership with public and private schools to implement ANCOP programs in whole or in part is applicable.