Gainesvivlle, Fl

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CFC Youth Gainesville  
Unit Leaders

Unit Youth Leader -Seth Roje Caraecle
Music Ministry Coordinator - Red Bautista
CFC -Youth House Hold Leaders: 

CFC Youth Gainesville Ministry

CFC Youth Florida Instrumental Workshop Weekend
(Video Courtesy of CFC Florida FamCom)
April 23-24, 2016
Tampa, Florida


CFC-Youth Advocacies

100 Percent Free

Purity and chastity has always been one of the values that we as Christians want to uphold. These virtues give us a deeper sense of worth and a greater understanding on the sacredness of the gift called life. These virtues tell us that we are no ordinary creatures but an authentic child of God.


YFC Greeneration is an advocacy of Youth for Christ that aims to rally today’s generation to be a green generation for a greener nation. It is an expression of love to God by a generation called to take care of His creation. This is Youth for Christ‘s response to the call for responsible stewardship, that is deeply rooted to the attitude of Catholic stewardship. It acknowledges that everything that we are enjoying right now came to be because of God. From the food we eat, to the place that shelters us, none of these will be in existence if not for Him. As others mistakenly adore so much the creation to the point of ignoring the Creator, YFC Greeneration’s every action is directed towards the Creator channeled through His creation.


YFC REV UP or Revolution of Uplifting the Poor is a call for Youth For Christ to be young people moved by the Holy Spirit to work with the poor as an expression of God’s transforming love.


An education advocacy of the CFC-Youth for Christ. Aligned with the ministry’s vision of, “Young People Being and Bringing Christ Wherever They are,” A+ moves the young to put their faith into action through education by living out one of the identities of a Youth for Christ, “Models of Excellence.” With an anchor verse taken from the book Romans 12: 11, “Work hard and do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion,” the young are challenged to walk their talk in the hopes that a bright, renewed and united society awaits us.


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